Bible Teaching

These documents contain Bible teaching and/or theological positions on various topics, used from time to time in local church contexts. The dates indicate when the documents were first produced in their current form.

SEC Canon 31 Incompatible With Marriage Liturgy October 2017 -
On Canon 31 - Presentation to SEC General Synod June 2017 -
The Seventy Years of Jewish Captivity March 2017 -
On Holy Matrimony - Presentation to SEC Diocesesan Synod March 2017 Video of talk
Chronology of Easter April 2008 pdf file
Confidence in Catastrophe Sep 2005 -
Pattern for Prayer Feb 2005 -
Personal Comments on the Windsor Report Jan 2005 -
The Purpose and Passion of the Messiah Nov 2004 -
Hearing God's Voice Sep 2004 -
Excelling in the Grace of Giving 2002 zip file
The Power of God for Salvation 2002 zip file
What on Earth is God Doing? (post-Alpha course) 2002 zip file
Homosexuality May 1998 -
Women in the Church -Ordination or Subordination 1997 pdf file
The Folly of Atheism April 1996 zip file
Reconciling Paul's Conversion Accounts May 1991 -
Chronology of Jewish Captivity & Return Sep 1990 -

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