Bible Runaways Crossword Quiz

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Click image to run PowerPoint Show. This Bible crossword quiz has been programmed using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications in the context of a PowerPoint show. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed on your computer to run this game. Click the image on the left, and decide whether to open the file with PowerPoint directly, or whether to save the file to run with PowerPoint later. When the PowerPoint show commences a macro security alert will be displayed. Select the button to enable macro content, otherwise the game will not run.

This crossword quiz is about runaways in the Bible. It was designed to be played in a church All-Age or Family Service, by two teams selected from the congregation, one older (the grey faces) and the other younger (the green faces). The clues for the grey faces are more difficult (and typically cryptic) than those for the green faces. The presenter interacts with the program to implement the choices of those playing, and particularly to record whether a clue has been solved correctly. The program keeps a score, based on the number of letters correctly inserted by each team.


The following instructions assume that the PowerPoint show has started running, with macros enabled.

When the crossword is completed the program displays the scores and highlights the winning team.

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