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God’s Love, Like an Ocean


Copyright © S P Townsend

Steve Townsend

gently flowing

                            Eb                                     Ab             Bbsus4   Bb         Eb                Gm


                         God’s   love,  like  an     o -     cean  is      boundless  and free,        far        high - er than    mountains and




              Ab                  Bb                       Eb                                       Ab                Bbsus4   Bb


                   deeper than the   sea.            The       waves     of His      mer - cy   now sweep     ov -  er       me,          and

                                                                                  Spi -     rit now    glo -  ri -  fy         Je -       sus  in        me,          a



                 Eb                Gm                   Ab                  Eb                     Eb


                   grace,  like  a       foun -   tain, from    Cal -     va - ry’s  tree.                        Fa -   ther   I         love   You   be-

                   chan -  nel  of      mer -    cy     and   grace   I   would  be .



                 Ab             Bbsus4      Bb         Eb                                          Ab                  Bb


                   cause   You love me.                          Je -    sus   I         give      You the      life  that You set  free.           O




Copyright © 1995 S P Townsend