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Psalm 149: 1-4

For Sharon

Copyright © S P Townsend

Steve Townsend


                        Eb                Cm              Fm                   Bb      Bb7     Eb                    Cm


                      1.   Praise you the     Lord,                 sing   Him    a       song,                   praise Him in the  company of His

                      2.   Won’t you be       glad,                  won’t you   re -    joice,                    chil -  dren  of         Zi - on      re -

                      3.   Praise you His     name,                dance with the     choir,                   sing   out     His       praises with the



                   Ab                  Bb         Bb7        Bb      Bb7        Eb                Ab         Cm       Bb      Bb7


                         god -       ly             ones.

                         joice in     your        King.

                         timbrel     and                                      lyre.      for the        Lord     takes       plea -    sure        in       His



                   Eb      Gm       Cm       Gm       Ab                  Bb      Bb7          Eb                Ab


                            peo -                 ple           and            He         will           beau -     ti -            fy      the aff -   lic - ted with



                                                                first time               last time

                     Eb             Bb7                        Eb         Bb7        Eb


                         vic -                     tor -                            ry.        For the          ry.



Copyright © 1984 S P Townsend