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Venite - from Psalm 95

Copyright © S P Townsend

Steve Townsend

With a calypso rythm

                   Eb                                       Ab6               Bb7sus4     Bb                         Bb7


                      Let us come and  sing for joy to the       Lord.                                             Shout for joy be - fore the Lord our

                      Come together,    bow before Him and  worship.                                       Let us kneel be -  fore the Lord our



                   Eb                                                                        Ab6          Bb7sus4  Bb


                      Maker.                                 Come before Him with a song of thanksgiving.                              Joy -  fully let’s

                      Maker.                                 For    He is our     God and we are His people.                     When He speaks we’ll



                 Bb7                 Eb                Eb7     Fine      Ab                    Eb              Ab6  Bb7sus4  Bb7


                   shout before Him with psalms.                                    O how great is our God                   Lord and King above

                   yield ourselves to obey.



              Eb                    Ab                     Eb             F7                       Bb         Bb7     D.C. al Fine


                      all the gods.   Depth and height are His own;        sea and land are in His hand     because He made them.




Copyright © 1985 S P Townsend